TS808 35th Anniversary


Rare overdrive/distortion pedal from the '70s faithfully recreated in a limited edition run.

Since its initial one-year run in 1979, the TS808 Tube Screamer has earned its place in the pantheon of pedals and is coveted by electric guitarists of nearly every genre. Now, 35 years and multiple variations later, Ibanez proudly celebrates the original 808’s legacy with the release of the TS808 35th, a limited edition 35th Anniversary reissue of the extremely rare 1979 Tube Screamer Narrow Box.

Faithful to the original in every detail, the TS808 35th is handcrafted in Japan (just the way they were 35 years ago), features the smaller narrow box, the Flying Fingers side graphic, the flat backplate design and, of course, the magic of the JRC4558D IC. With a limited run of only 1,500 available in the US, each pedal will be individually serialized with the serial number engraved on brushed aluminum.

With the TS808 35th you don’t just get the sustain, the complex harmonic texture and the smooth mid-range boost … you get a piece of history.

Limited edition
Faithful recreation of the original 1979 TS808
Smaller narrow box design
Flying fingers side graphic
Individually serialized on aluminum plate


ToneTrunk Gigbag
Från: 960:-


Boardsize: 42, 55, 68 cm

Armed with an arsenal of T-Rex tone, all you need now is the perfect board to make sure your pedals are just where you need them night after night.

The ToneTrunk does just that – and more. It’s a perfectly designed pedal board that holds your pedals and comes with a padded gigbag, ensuring that your pedals are in place when you're on stage – and safely stored away when you're not.

The pedals attach to the board with included Velcro strips, and there's lot's of room for a power supply. A shoulder strap also comes with every Gigbag.


• Lots of space for extension and patch cables
• Pedal board already covered with T-Rex Tone Attach hoop-and-loop fastener - ready to mount your pedals
• Slanted pedal board for easier foot-clicks
• Light aluminium pedal board construction
• Accommodates a FuelTank power supply


PB02 Gigman
PB02 Gigman Pedal Board
Gigman Pedal Board hårdcase, med avtagbart lock, 60 x 30 cm, invändig höjd 85mm, med robusta lås, bärhandtag och metallhörn, utförd i 1/2” plywood och klädd i svart Polyweav, inkl kardborreband



Smidig liten basförstärkare med kraft att fungera i flera sammanhang.
CD/Mp3 ingång och hörlursutgång gör denna krabat perfekt till övningsförstärkare
RMS power output: 25 watts
Speaker configuration: 1 x 8?
Preamp: Solid-state
Power amp: Solid-state
Tone controls: 3-band EQ
Line output: Yes
MP3/CD input: Yes
Headphone output: Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D inches): 15.3 x 15.3 x 11
Handling weight: 27 lbs / 12.2 kg



Gitarrpedal med 75 effekter, inkl. dist, kompressor, modulation, delay, reverb, m.m.



Multi effect for guitar, 75 guitar effects including distortion, dynamics and modulation effects, and reverbs, delays and many amp modelings, 30 Seconds Looper in CD quality, 5 effects can be used simultaneously, 100 presets, integrated drum machine with 68 drum patterns, Aux In, expression pedal, USB port for firmware updates, power supply 4 x AA batery (20h) or optional AC adapter (9V, 500 mA), dimensions 155 (D) x 237 (W) x 50 (H) mm



LT Pedals
Från 595:-

Blackstar’s award-winning, valve-driven HT pedals are a key part of the company’s success and grace the pedalboards of professional and amateur players around the globe.

Now Blackstar is introducing a series of 5 compact boost, overdrive and distortion pedals tonally derived from our award-winning HT Pedals range.

The patent-applied-for clipping circuit delivers amazing valve-like tonal performance, valve-like responsiveness for a wide variety of playing styles.

Featuring rugged metal construction for durabiity these compact pedals are easily incorporated into players’ existing pedalboards and can be powered by 1 9V PP3 battery as well as an optional mains adaptor.

In addition, the LT DIST offers the lowest cost option ever for players who want to get their hands on Blackstar’s patented ISF control.

Each compact pedal features high integrity buffered bypass and silent switching.




Vi har ett stort utbud med pedaler i butiken.
Kom in och testa !


PB08 Soft Bag
Väska med golvplatta för effektpedaler
Pedalväska för ca 10 stompboxar i standardstorlek, plattan har måtten 49 x 26 cm, höjd i väskan 13 cm. Stabil konstruktion av 12mm plywood med 6 gummifötter, sviktar ej vid belastning.
Vikt endast 1.8 kg. Kraftig mjuk väska med brett axelband, handtag och tillbehörsfickor. 2 m kardborreband av högsta proffskvalite medföljer för att fästa pedalerna.